Monday, September 16, 2013

Now im at my collage,,evrythings bad here because im freaking boring..
My roomates also didnt come yet.. they always come late..
D'rumpun also dissapoint me,,kedai burger x bukak,,macam la x tau aku hari2 beli burger..haishh..
I want to sleep,,but its already 6 o'clocks(pm)..
what im going to do now..exercises??? NO !!
Im not that kind of good and live a healthy lifestyle students..
Oh my bad,,..!!poor myself..!! Assalamualaikum...

Sunday, September 15, 2013

aBoUt mE =

  • Adam Che Murad
  • 8teen
  • Kolej matrikulasi Kedah
  • love eating and sleeping
  • games?? not 100% sure about that
  • simple(just go through life)
  • for me nothings imposible
  • dream do come true.!!